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Why You Need to Remove That Squirrel From Your Attic

squirrel removal

If you have an unwanted squirrel trapped or trying to make its own home within your home, squirrel removal is a necessity.

While there is a lot of urban legends and common knowledge that’s spread around regarding the dangers posed by squirrels, they threats they pose may be different than you think. Regardless, if you have an unwanted squirrel trapped or trying to make its own home within your home, squirrel removal is a necessity. It is however important to do this humanely, as the squirrel is most likely trapped and confused and means you absolutely no harm.  To learn more about the threats posed by these critters and the experts that can help you with squirrel removal, read on.

Do Squirrels Pose Health Risks To Humans?


Contrary to a lot of the rumors spread about rabies and bites and other such things, live squirrels generally do not pose much of a threat to humans. The idea that humans can catch rabies from squirrels is not actually backed up by scientific evidence, despite the anecdotal tales. It is actually their droppings which pose the most danger to humans. Squirrels, like other rodents, take a spray approach to releasing their bowels, which means that they cover large areas with feces and urine and these are unsanitary and can make someone sick easily. The ticks and fleas they carry can also often lead to infestations, especially if you have a household pet. This means that specific steps need to be taken after squirrel removal to ensure your home is clean.  


The Dangers Posed By Squirrel Dung


Squirrel droppings can cause both Leptospirosis and salmonella in humans. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection which takes the form of a mild flu in its less severe stages. While this mild form of the condition is most common, it can become a life threatening illness which causes organ failure and internal bleeding. Most cases can be treated with antibiotics, but more severe cases require hospitalization. Salmonella, which is typically associated with food poisoning, can also result from exposure to squirrel dung. While this is generally not a life threatening condition, it can be for the very old, very young, or immunocompromised.  


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