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Squirrels Might Be On the Rise Soon



Are squirrels nesting in your yard?

May through June is a major mating season for Gray Squirrels, so it’s time to get fortified. You should think about how you can prepare for the new batch of squirrels that are going to be born during this season. So, today we’re going to be talking about how you can prepare your home to keep squirrels at bay and what to expect if you see a mother with her litter of her babies. Ready to learn more? Let’s do it!

Preparing your house for squirrels will help a lot.

Squirrels like to nest in attics and if they really want to get into your house, they will. However, you and curb their interest by sealing up all the entryways into your house. You should do a thorough inspection of your home and make sure that there are no easy ways for the squirrel to get in a give birth to a litter. Invest in a chimney cap to keep them from getting in from the top and have vents installed with grates throughout the outside of your home if they’ve chewed a hole. If you have a dog, then you should make sure that the little fella spends ample time in yard, spreading his or her scent. No squirrel will want to build a nest near a dog.

Don’t waste your time with poison or repellant.

There are a lot of different “squirrel repellents” on the market and we’re going to give you a money saving tip. These don’t work, so don’t waste your time. Poisons are also a bad idea because they can do damage to the ecosystem in your area. Not only that, but cats and dogs can be affected by the poison if you’re not exceptionally careful and even if you are, frankly. Live trapping is the most effective and safest method of removal.

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