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Think You May Need Raccoon Removal?

Raccoons are everywhere. Due to their ability to thrive in urban, suburban and rural environments, their population keeps increasing with no hopes of declining soon. You will likely encounter quite a few raccoons on your Baltimore property, and you may be wondering if you need raccoon removal. Are they just passing by, or trying to make your home their home, too? Sometimes, it’s difficult to know at first, but once they’ve decided to move in, you’ll very likely know.


Do you need raccoon removal?

Trying to decide whether or not your little trespasser you affectionately named Ringo needs to be confronted (by a professional, of course!)? Keep reading to learn the signs of a raccoon problem, and whether or not you should call for raccoon removal.

Trashcan raiding

If you’re consistently cleaning up around your outdoor trashcan after it’s been ravaged, raccoons are a likely suspect. Sadly, they tend to hit more than once, and will keep coming back for more of your leftovers. They’ll make a mess of your property without intervention, especially if they don’t think you mind. If you can’t keep your trash outdoors without it being ripped open and torn into, you should call for raccoon removal.

Noises in your chimney

Raccoons, for some reason, enjoy raising their young in chimneys. They tend to be dark, quiet, and warm, so to them, it seems like a good place to raise baby raccoons. Unfortunately, their chimney nests are a serious fire hazard. If they’re hanging out in your chimney, you may hear odd banging, scratching, or other animal noises from your chimney or fire place. This is definitely a situation to call for raccoon removal.

Unexpected visits

Seeing a family of raccoons on your deck or porch is more than startling. Seeing them often is even more startling. If raccoons on your property feel comfortable coming so close to your home, and make a frequent habit of it, they’re probably ready to try to move in. You want to prevent this, so definitely call a professional to take care of your raccoon removal.

Need our help?

Call Shumaker Animal Control. Shumaker Animal Control is a twenty-five year veteran of the animal control profession and knows how to detect and properly perform raccoon removal from your Maryland property.

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