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Dos and Don’ts When an Animal is Stuck in Your Chimney


Do you hear rustling coming from above your fireplace? Are you spotting droppings all over your firewood? It’s very possible this is because you’ve got an animal stuck in your chimney.

Do you hear rustling coming from above your fireplace?  Are you spotting droppings all over your firewood?  It’s very possible this is because you’ve got an animal stuck in your chimney.  The most common animal would be a raccoon, but occasionally, other animals get stuck as well.  There is also a strong possibility that the animal has simply gotten stuck in the chimney, and the walls are too slippery or smooth for them to get back out.  Here’s what you should do when you find an animal in your chimney.


  • Stay calm.  An animal in  your chimney usually poses no harm.  They are far more afraid of you, and most likely won’t do anything to hurt you.
  • Cover the fireplace.  If you have glass or mesh covering that shelters the entire fireplace, this is best.  Make sure you get this kind of covering if you live in a heavily wooded area.
  • Open the damper.  If the animal is a bird, or is able to climb out, they need the damper open to be able to do so.  It’s possible this will be the quickest way to rid your chimney of the animal.
  • Call us!  If the animal refuses to get out, or it simply can’t, Shumaker’s Animal Control will take care of it for you.


  • Try to smoke them out.  Lighting a fire in attempts to scare the animal up the chimney could likely kill them.  When you notice an animal in your chimney, never try to light a fire.
  • Always keep the damper open.  Animals can fall down the chimney at any point if your damper is left open.  They see your chimney as a hollow tree, or a safe place to get away from bad weather–make sure they go find a real tree!
  • Try to remove the animal yourself.  Reaching up with your hand to grab the animal is incredibly dangerous, and using netting can often get caught around the animal’s limbs and break them.  Always call a professional like Shumaker’s Animal Control to remove the animal humanely and safely.

Got an animal caught in your chimney?  Call Shumaker’s Animal Control!

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