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Are there animals in the attic?

When we tell people what we do, we’re often asked how homeowners can tell they have animals living in their attics. It’s actually not too hard, and Humane Society summarizes the signs of pest invasion in your attic pretty well. Here are the primary signs:
  • Most homeowners realize there are animals in the house when they hear the sound of feet running across their ceiling at night.
  • The presence of droppings and items from outside or other parts of the house (such as leaves, twigs, birdseed, and nuts) in your attic is a sure sign of a pest.
  • Nesting material such as straw, leaves, and pieces of insulation mixed with fur is another telltale sign.
  • Holes from the outside don’t necessarily mean animals are present, but if they’re not already, they soon will be. Turning the lights out in the attic can help identify whether there are holes.
If you see any of these signs of pests in your home, contact us immediately. You need to get invaders out of your house before they cause damage or threaten your family’s health.


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