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Do You Have a Bat Problem?

If you find yourself with a bat problem, do not fret. Apparently vampires are not real, who knew?

Although you are not in any real danger, you should act fast. If you see one bat, there is a chance an entire colony may be living in your attic. So call a professional at the first sign of an infestation. Most bats are harmless to people. However, some bats can carry rabies; therefore, bats should not be handled without protective measures.

So do not try to remove the bat yourself. This will just cause the bat to hide, making it even more difficult for animal control to rid your house of these pests. Your best course of action is to close any doors in the room where the bat is, confining the animal and not allowing it to escape. Then call for help.

The professionals will remove the bat and look for any signs of a bigger infestation. But do not worry about the bat; they use only non-lethal forms of extraction to ensure the animal is not harmed.

Before you know it, you will be bat free.

Bats are actually very helpful for the environment, so it is important that we protect our fury-winged friends. One brown bat can eat up to 3000 mosquitoes each night. Now doesn’t that sound nice? I bet you will think twice next time you see a bat flying around your house.

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