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How Animals May Be Getting Into Your Home this Spring

This spring be aware of pests that may be entering your home. According to this article there are common ways that animals get into your home. This can possibly be prevented if you know how they enter.

Mice only need an entry hole about ¼ inch or larger. These are usually in the garage, basement or gaps around utility lines. Signs of infestation include droppings, smell of urine, noise at night and holes gnawed in food boxes. You can prevent this by sealing exterior gaps with mortar, weatherstipping the bottom of basement and garage doors and keeping all foodstuffs in hard plastic, glass or steel containers.

Rats entry holes are usually about ¾ inch or larger. They usually enter in garages, basements, foundations, or damaged and unused drain pipes. Sign of rats include greasy smudges around openings, the smell of urine, nests of discarded food, droppings, and gnawing or squeaking at night. You can prevent this by eliminating food and water sources around the house, and storing your food in airtight containers.

Squirrels need a hole of about 21/2 inches or larger to enter your home. They will most likely enter where dormers meet the roof or where roof shingles overhang. You can tell you have a squirrel problem if you hear scampering noises in the ceilings or attic, see insulation missing from spots near eaves, or notice signs of droppings and piles of nuts. You can stop this from happening by pruning trees away from your house, keeping your roof and trim in clean condition and removing any bird feeders.

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