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Need Rat Removal in Baltimore?

Baltimore Rat RemovalThe much maligned rat is like the bigger, smarter, and meaner cousin of the mouse.  Rats can be aggressive and are known to bite. Rats are known to be prolific disease carriers. They can adapt to repellents and learn to avoid poisons. If you need rat removal in Baltimore, make sure you call a professional, Shumaker’s Animal Control.

Rat Aggression

Brown rats, also known as the common rat, street rat, or Norwegian rat, are some of the largest and most aggressive of the rat species. With a body up to 25 centimeteres long and a tail of similar length the brown rat is an invasive species originally from central Asia. It was misnamed the “Norweigian Rat” by a British naturalist named John Berkenhout in 1769 who mistakenly believed the rats imigrated to England from Norway on board of a ships(despite not living in Norway at the time). The species quickly spread from England during the ages of exploration, colonialism, and imperialism. As the British Empire was dubbed “the empire on which the sun never sets”, so it was for the Empire of the Rat.

And as they spread it quickly became apparent how their voracious appetite, ability to quickly multiply, and aggression could be damaging to an environment. The brown rat will eat any type of food, but bird and reptile eggs are irresistible treats to rats. As a result of the speed at which they reproduce and the way they feast on eggs it is believed that the brown rat is responsible for 40-60% of bird and reptile extinctions. Most of these occurred on small islands where the rats would not have otherwise been introduced if not for human ships. Currently, the United States and other world governments and ecological groups are working on projects to remove rats from the islands where they are doing the most damage.

Brown rat aggression doesn’t just extend to other animals. Brown rats bite more then 15,000 people a year in the United States. Rats are known to carry many diseases, some of them deadly, so any rat bite should be immediately treated by a doctor. If you live in Baltimore, Maryland and have rats, avoid contact with them, and possibly contracting a deadly disease, and please contact Shumaker’s Animal Control. We are a professional animal control service that can help with your rat removal in Baltimore.

Have Rats?

Call Shumaker Animal Control. Shumaker Animal Control is a twenty-five year veteran of the animal control profession and knows how to detect and properly remove rats in Baltimore. We can also patch any holes made by Rats and guarantee against them chewing back through it.

If you have any questions about animal removal, contact Shumaker Animal Control by calling (443) 854-8072 or click here today!

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