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Not all nuisance animals come inside

When animal pests invade a home, it’s a problem. However, even if a nuisance animal doesn’t make it indoors, it can still cause a problem. Sometimes animals can die on a family’s property. Whether the animal was hit by a car or died because of disease, it should be removed quickly.

Of course as the animal starts to decompose, it will give off an odor that will encourage the homeowner to have it removed. But more importantly, any children around the home could catch a disease if they get too close to the carcass. The animal could also attract other unwanted pests such as vultures, foxes, possums, or rats. These and the rotting carcass can threaten family pets as well.

Along with trapping and removing animals inside the home, we’ll also remove dead animals outside the home. If you’ve had an animal die on your property, contact us to get rid of it immediately.

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