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3 Easy Stages
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Pest prevention is best

We stumbled upon this article from This Old House about nuisance animals invading homes. They break down dealing with problems into three basic solutions: poisoning, trapping, and preventing. We agree with what the article says and want to augment its comments.

We’ve already gone over the drawbacks of using poisons, and the article reinforces the dangers of poisoned animal pests dying inside the home. It gives advice for homeowners to trap the pests themselves, but homeowners will then have to monitor traps and still have to mess with releasing the nuisance animals outside, which can be difficult and dangerous.

Prevention is truly the best option. If you need help identifying vulnerable entry points into your home, contact us. And if you do wind up with a nuisance animal in the home, call us right away and save the hassle of trying to deal with it yourself.

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