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Rabies in Foxes

Foxes have been very prevalent this year for residents in the area. Today we are going to discuss the different signs of rabies in foxes. Rabies is a viral disease and as this articles describes, it has some very easy to identify symptoms. Foxes are common carriers of the disease and it is transferred usually through animal bites.

One type of rabies is called “dumb rabies.” Human contact with a fox inflicted with this type of rabies is uncommon because the disease attacks the spinal chord and they usually retreat to their den.

“Furious rabies” is the other type. This strain causes the animal to act out. They lose sense of direction and fear. They can also experience paralysis in parts of their body or face– so look for a sagging jaw or drooping head. Aggression is another trait that goes along with this infection. Rabid foxes may attack inanimate objects and also bite themselves at this period of time. Death usually occurs after about three days of infection.

These symptoms among others are important to keep an eye out for if you see foxes or other animals in your vicinity. For any of your animal control needs contact Shumaker’s Animal Control by clicking here or by dialing 443-854-8072.

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