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Rid the rabid animals

When we covered the diseases that animal pests can bring into your home, we focused on a couple lesser-known ones. Of course, the well-known disease that animals, especially raccoons and bats carry, is rabies. TheCenters for Disease Control have devoted an entire site to the disease. Here are the main points to remember.

  • Receiving a bite from a rabid animal is the main method for rabies transmission. Unlike the other diseases we talked about, rabies is not transmitted through droppings or urine.
  • As with any animal bite, a bite wound from a rabid animal should be immediately washed with soap and water, and a visit to the doctor should quickly follow.
  • Flu-like symptoms are the first symptoms of rabies to appear, but the onset of symptoms usually means it’s too late to successfully treat the disease. That’s why getting medical attention as soon as possible after a bite is so important.

It all gets back to the point of getting animal pests out of the home as soon as you realize they’re there. If you suspect an animal in your home, you need to contact us to get it back outside where it belongs.


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