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The snake is probably the most feared of all the reptiles. So it is no surprise that people tend to freak out when these slithering serpents invade their homes.

Snakes can be found almost anywhere – inhabiting Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and South America. And these creepy critters can live in several different locations including: rocks, rivers, water, grasslands, caves, and holes.

But if these dwellings do not suit our serpentine friends, snakes will occasionally enters homes, though it is generally by accident.

If you find yourself with a new reptilian roommate, you should act fast. Call a professional animal removal service, like Shumaker’s Animal Control, to get rid of the snake. Then inspect your home and seal any potential problem areas.

Snakes tend to enter houses from the ground. Make sure all cellar doors, windows and screens are tightly secured and search your walls and foundation for cracks. The masonry of foundations, fireplaces, and chimneys should be inspected and, if necessary, be plugged.

Snakes can fit through extremely small openings, so be thorough.

There are a number of different snakes that inhabit the Maryland area, including the Black Rat Snake, Eastern Garter Snake, Eastern Worm Snake, Northern Water Snake, Corn Snake (Red Rat Snake), Gray Rat Snake, Northern Brown and Eastern Ring Neck Snake and the Copperhead Snake.

To learn more about these types of snakes, watch these videos.

If you see any signs of snakes in your home, contact us immediately. You need to get invaders out of your house before they cause damage or threaten your family’s health.

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