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Something squirrely in the chimney

Following up on our last post, another reason animal pests enter homes is just by accident. Squirrels in particular have been known to fall down uncapped chimneys. Once they’re in the home, they’re eager to get out, and that’s when trouble starts.

We responded to one such call over Christmas. The trapped squirrel chewed and clawed at 14 windows on all three levels of the house. Eight of these windows will need replacing. The squirrel also damaged some china and antique plates and flower vase. This is in addition to leaving its droppings everywhere.

Normally, the lesson at the end of these posts is to contact us immediately when there’s an animal in the home. In this case, there’s an additional point. Installing a $55 cap on a chimney can prevent these accidental intruders and is well worth the investment.

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