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The cost of not calling Shumaker’s

Some homeowners don’t think it’s a big deal when animals enter the home or believe there’s nothing they can do about it. That was certainly the case for one client who heard squirrels in his attic but thought them harmless.

He thought differently after his three-year-old son started getting itchy, painful, red welts on his arms and legs that the doctor attributed to a severe mite infection. While cleaning his son’s room, the client noticed mites and fleas crawling out of a brown wet spot of wall behind the bed. He removed the drywall and found a squirrel’s nest. We were called in and removed three dead squirrels, two live ones, and a 30-gallon trashcan’s worth of nesting material covered with feces, urine, fleas, and mites.

When all was said and done, the client had paid $2,500 to replace the furnishings in his son’s room, $975 to repair the insulation and drywall, $425 to remove the squirrels and patch the spot where they got in, and $250 to treat his son’s infection. He could have saved most of this money had he called us upon first hearing the squirrels. Clearly, squirrels are not harmless and are very costly, so if you suspect you have squirrels or any other pests in your home, contact us right away.

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