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What Should You Be Doing About Coyotes?


Coyotes closely resemble German Shepherds; should you be near any coyote population, you’ll quickly find that they can cause as much problem as fascination.

Interestingly, Maryland and Delaware have been two of the last states to have coyote populations.  These desert animals originated out west, but have migrated towards the east coast, as well.  Coyotes closely resemble German Shepherds, although they are smaller in size–about 30-40 pounds.  They hunt and act like wolves, and are thus far considered an interesting addition to the Maryland ecosystem.  However, should you be near any coyote population, you’ll quickly find that they can cause as much problem as fascination.  Read on to figure out what you can do to prevent damages caused by coyotes.

Feed Pets Inside


Coyotes are actually quite notorious for being causes of pet loss.  In packs, they are quite dangerous, and can take advantage of domestic animals easily.  You shouldn’t be letting your cat outside by itself in the first place, but if you do, make sure you don’t leave any extra food outside.  This can attract coyotes, and will alert them that they can find a delicious meal near your home.  If you leave pet food outside, you’ll find frequent visitors!


Do Not Approach


They may look like cuddly dogs, but coyotes are wild animals, and should be respected as such.   Never approach a coyote, even if one appears in your backyard.  Coyotes need to be dealt with by professionals, and they could easily harm you if you get close enough.  There’s also the risk that they carry rabies, and this can pose a huge danger to you.


Deal With Conflict Quickly


Coyotes that are not afraid of humans are going to be the first to cause damage to property, including pets and livestock.  If you find that a coyote is causing trouble in your neighborhood, it’s best to call for help.  While state law allows for property owners to hunt or trap coyotes that are destroying property, we recommend against it–animals need to be treated with humane care!


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