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What Should You Be Doing About Skunks?


If you do have a skunk problem in your yard, here are some of the ways to peacefully tackle it.

Seeing (or smelling) a skunk in your yard can be concerning, since they are known for roaming around neighborhoods and causing rather unpleasant smells. While skunks are known for their smell, they actually avoid confrontation whenever possible. If you do have a skunk problem in your yard, here are some of the ways to peacefully tackle it.


If You Spot a Skunk

If you spot a skunk, don’t panic or run away. They are typically well-behaved and non-confrontational. How can you tell if a skunk is feeling threatened? They give you plenty of warnings! Skunks will stamp their front feet and raise their tails before spraying. Next, they will hiss and make short forward charges in your direction. If any skunk is showing any of these warning signs in front of you, back away slowly and quietly. The fear of being sprayed is not worth harming otherwise-innocent skunks living underneath your deck or porch-just pay attention.

Keeping Your Yard Skunk-Free

If you don’t have skunks in your yard and want to make sure that you keep them out, take these simple steps to deter skunks:

  • Keep garbage and pet food inside or secured
  • Block off any convenient sites for skunks to make a den, like wood piles, sheds with space underneath, decks and porches, and any crawl spaces
  • Don’t overwater your lawn, as this can lead to insects gathering close to the surface and skunks gathering to grab them up
  • If a skunk does enter an area of your home, like the garage, leave the door open overnight so that when they wake (they’re nocturnal) they can see themselves out
  • Even if you are worried about being sprayed by a skunk, do not use lethal or dangerous methods to harm them. They will still spray you and you will cause a senseless death. If you are in need of some extra professional help, give the professionals at Shumaker’s Animal Control a call.

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